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Nitrogen Option for your Tires



Fay Myers now offers Nitrogen for your tires



Nitrogen is a dry, inert gas used to inflate airplane tires, off-road truck tires, military vehicle tires and race car tires for improved performance, more tire mileage and better fuel economy.





  • Less Inflation pressure loss
  • Reduced wheel corrosion
  • Prevents inner-liner rubber deterioration by oxidation
  • Tires run cooler
  • Increases tread life
  • Increases fuel mileage
  • Helps prevent uneven wear
  • THE BIGGEST ADVANTAGES Nitrogen in your tires helps with improved tire life

    Improved Tire Life - Experts in the tire industry indicate that oxidative aging is one of the primary causes of decresed tire life. Oxidative aging is caused by the diffusion of oxygen from the pressurized air cavity of the tire to the outside atmosphere. Tests have show that if tires are inflated with nitrogen, there is a significant reduction in tire failure.

    Nitrogen escapes the tire more slowly than oxygen HOW DOES NITROGEN HELP?
    While both nitrogen and oxygen can permeate rubber, nitrogen does it much more slowly. It might take 6 months to lose 2 psi with nitrogen, compared to just a month with air. And nitrogen is far less reactive. It doesn't cause rust or corrosion on steel or aluminum, and it doesn't degrade rubber. Wheel surfaces stay smooth and clean, rubber remains supple and resilient.




    What do I do if I have to add air?
    No problem at all. The small amount of air you may add at some point will still be a very small percentage of the total mixture of air/nitrogen in the tire.

    Is Nitrogen explosive?
    No, in fact, nitrogen is very inert and safe. Nitrogen is the most commonly used chemical in the USA. It is used for storing and packaging of snack foods, coffee, and other food items.

    Will Nitrogen affect the tire pressure monitoring system on my vehicle?
    Yes. Nitrogen will help maintain proper inflation in your tires and reduce the number of faults detected by the TPMS.

    Do I Still need to check tire pressure?
    Yes. But, you will find the tire pressure to be much more consistent. 

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