Ian Blythe

My name is Ian Blythe and my life has been all about racing dirt bikes. It all began when I was too young to ride my own bikes, my Dad, John Blythe, would put me on the front of his bike and we would go trail riding. I have always called myself a wheel guy; that’s the way it has always been. Competition comes naturally to me. I did my first race on a PW 80 in 1998; I was 7 years old at the time. I raced BMX for 2 more years and then won a championship in 2000 when I was 9 years old. After winning my first championship I became all about motocross.

Within the next 5 years I moved up the 65 and 85 local ranks but I still enjoyed trail riding and occasionally some enduros. I won the district 25 85cc 7-11 class in 2003. That was when my focus really shifted from motocross to off road. I then started doing all of the TSCEC enduros as well as all of the RMEC enduros. In 2004, I won the overall C class in both championships on my KX 85 and in 2005 I won the overall B class on my KX 100, again in both series. The year of 2006 was my first year on a full sized bike, a YZ 125. I won the overall A class in TSCEC and RMEC which is also the first year that I won an overall event. I was the rookie of the year in TSCEC and the Sportsman of the year in RMEC. The year of 2007 was my first year in the AA pro class. Ron Shmelzle and I had a year long battle with Ron coming out on top by one point. In 2008 I won the RMEC title and a Berthoud Winter Hare Scramble Series and in 2009 I switched to KTM and was able to back up my RMEC championship and win a WEBE hare scrambles championship. In 2010 I focused on racing WORCS on a 450. After struggling for most of the year on a 450 I really didn’t come into my own until I got on the 2011 350. The last race of the season in Mesquite was my best, I was able to overcome serious bike problems to finish second in the pro 2 class and only seconds behind first.

I hope that in 30 years I will look back on the years 2000 through 2009 as the prologue of my career. I have built a solid foundation that allows my riding to go to a whole new level. At some point in time I fell in love with World Enduros. I love the sheer speed and skill of the racers, and I love how professional the series is. After a good result at the 2010 ISDE in Mexico I am going to have the opportunity to compete in the whole 2011 EWC season on the Jolly Racing HM Zanardo team on a CRF 250R which is a dream come true for me! I will go to Italy to start testing and training in mid February and my first race on the new team is the first weekend in April and it is in Spain!